winpe3 and hyperv and vmickvpexchange

Feb 27, 2010 at 10:25 PM


in W2K8 with hyperv, i create a vm with winpe3. IC (integrated componants) are not present in winpe. Mouse is ok. So, i think drivers are ok.

I first try to "verify/install" IC with the GUI hyperV monitor. I receive "IC are installed". But the 3 keys under "virtual machine" don't exist.

the program vmicsvc.exe exist in x:\windows\system32

So i try to install only the services, not the drivers.

From ..\system32\vmguest.iso, i use the file and extract vmic.inf (with cat...). I install the services with drvload.exe.

I check with "net start" : 3 services hyperv are ok but not vmickvpexchange, the one i need !

I use "net start vmickvpexchange". The service begins but stop with error 87 : incorrect parameters.

I look wih procmon.exe : the key "hklm\...\virtual machine\external"  and "guest" and "auto" cant be created (acces denied).

I put "everyone" in the local group "vmickvpexchange". vmicsvc.exe can now create the keys.

But "net start vmickvpexchange" returns error 87.

So, it's not the good way.

I try to compare with a vm witch contain an other w2K8. But ....

How can i use the kvp service under a winpe VM?

My goal is to pass the ip host to the winpe vm. So, the vm can access shared data with "net use z: \\ip_host\shared_data".



PS : my english is very poor. So don't be worry and forget me if you don't understand me.