Error when creating Internal Switch

May 30, 2009 at 7:47 PM


I am experiencing strange behavior with new-vminternalswitch and New-vmexternalswitch command, when trying to create a Virtual Internal/External switch on remote server.

PS C:\Temp> new-vmInternalswitch "Internal Net2" -server "servername"
Created Virtual Switch Internal Net2
Get-WmiObject : Not supported
At C:\Temp\hyperv.ps1:1618 char:44
+                    $endPoint=(Get-WmiObject  <<<<  -NameSpace "root\virtualization" -Query "ASSOCIATORS OF {$IntEthPo
rt} where resultClass = Msvm_SwitchLANEndpoint")
Exception calling "InvokeMethod" with "2" argument(s): "Invalid parameter "
At C:\Temp\hyperv.ps1:1620 char:46
+              $result=$SwitchMgtSvc.psbase.invokeMethod( <<<< "ConnectSwitchPort",$arguments)
Bound Internal Ethernet Port to Switch

I get this error message, but a switch is created and assigned to Private network.

When I create a External switch I don't receive any errors, but, again a switch is created and assigned to private network on the remote server. Is this a known issue? if not, how do I fix it?

PS C:\Temp> New-VMExternalSwitch -virtualSwitchName "External Net" -ext "Broadcom BCM5708C NetXtreme II GigE (NDIS VBD C
lient) #2" -Server "mcm-shp-04"
Created Virtual Switch External Net
Configuring NIC: